Breakthrough Award, Division of Medicinal Chemistry

Breakthrough Award, Division of Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Society of Japan


Nominator: Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
Candidate: Member of the Division of Medicinal Chemistry (if a group of people is nominated, at least one must be a member)


Researchers who have made breakthrough discoveries related to drug development
A maximum of 5 people can share the award

Research accomplishments

・Drugs or bioactive compounds with new chemical structures
・New technologies or methods (chemical synthesis, fermentation, toxicity, pharmacokinetics, screenings, etc.)

Number of Awards (annual) 2 (maximum)
Award Plaque

Winners will be invited to give a lecture at the Medicinal Chemistry Symposium and write a contribution to MEDCHEM NEWS.

To make a nomination, send your recommendation letter and the letter of reason for the recommendation (by registered mail) to the Scientific Work, Scientific Affairs at the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (one copy of each document).

Scientific Work, Scientific Affairs, The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
2-12-15 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002, Japan
Tel: 03-3406-3324 E-mail:

For details see Recommendation Guideline for Breakthrough Award 2020, Division of Medicinal Chemistry (Japanese only).